You can view all of the reviews your profile has gotten while in your Business Dashboard. Once you’re at your Business Dashboard, you can click on “Reviews” in the top right navigation as shown below:

On this page you can review information about the reviews your profile has received and even interact with them.

The Community Feedback Score contains different information relating to the reviews on your profile. When a reviewer leaves a review, in addition to talking about their experience, they have an opportunity to score your company in five different areas. These five areas are averaged across all reviews and are provided here as a means of giving direct feedback regarding those areas. In addition, you can view the average rating of all reviews, the total number of reviews, and the counts and percentages of positive, neutral, and negative reviews on your profile.

Here, if you have multiple customers you would like to invite, you can upload a CSV file. Click on “Sample CSV file” as seen above to download a sample CSV showing the format the information must be in. Once you have that information, you can click on “Browse” to locate the file on your hard drive. Once you have selected the file, you can click on “Process Request” to submit the information.

If you run into any issues using the bulk upload tool, please reach out to our support team for assistance.

The Review Feed is an opportunity to read the reviews which your customers, employees, or other parties have left on your profile. At the top-right of the image you’ll see different drop-down options that allow you to filter the reviews based on whether you’re looking to view reviews from a certain type of reviewer, for a specific category, or if you only want to view either positive, neutral, or negative reviews. You can also see who left the review, their status as a reviewer, and even respond to the review publicly by clicking on “Respond to Review”.

The Competitive Intelligence section gives you some information on how your competitors are doing in terms of the number of reviews they receive and their average rating. In the drop-down, you can change the practice area to view competitors in another area.

Finally, we provide access to download the code for your review badge, allowing you to invite customers to leave reviews on your service or software directly on your website. By using the code, the badge automatically updates when you receive additional reviews. When a visitor clicks on “Read all Reviews”, they are taken to your profile. When they click on “Write a Review”, they are taken to a page where they can leave a review.

Frequently Questions

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