provides a self-service advertising platform for advertisers interested in increasing traffic to their website. Our visitors are looking for the best professional services and software available. Our advertising platform allows for you to direct this audience to your own website. Here are some tips on tracking the success of your advertising campaign.

Google Analytics

Google provides a free tool to webmasters allowing for them to track the visitors on their website. You can also track the visitors coming from our website to yours using this tool. Google also provides a free resource on how to set up and use the tool to understand where your visitors are coming from. Click here for more information.

Landing Pages

Having a landing page ensures that your visitors will have access to relevant information and will also give you the opportunity to capture their contact details to make an effort to convert them into a paying customer. Since our advertising platform offers you the opportunity to sell your service or software, you will want to ensure your landing page makes an effort to collect their contact information when they arrive, or gives them an opportunity to sign up. You can change the landing page for each of the different categories you’re ranked in. Learn more about that here.

Click Reports

For all advertising campaigns we provide a click report so you can view the clicks you’re receiving. Since we do not track the contact information for those which click on advertisements on our website, you will need to make sure your landing page gives you the opportunity to convert that click into a paying customer. For more information on click reports, click here.

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